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The California Council for Excellence (CCE) Fellows Program is a one-year, leadership development opportunity for rising leaders. The CCE Fellows Program is designed specifically for individuals who aspire to become senior leaders in their next role and would benefit from a deep dive into leadership practices that have proven successful integrating Baldrige and improving results in their respective organizations.

Leadership Development

As a CCE Fellow, you’ll be part of a cohort of aspiring leaders who will learn from each other and from California-based Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipients, the nation’s highest award for organizational performance excellence. From virtual visits to these role-model organizations and their senior executives and from interactions with your cohort, you’ll establish relationships that will benefit you and your organization now and in the future.

Program Benefits 

Participants will benefit from: 

  • In-depth learning from world-class organizations and their senior executives

  • A peer network of fellow executives to tap into now and in the future

  • Best practices and solutions to drive improvement in your organization’s results

  • A capstone project to address a unique strategic challenge or opportunity facing your organization

  • Access to a C-Suite executive that has deep Baldrige knowledge and experience serving as a Coach to mentor your capstone project and participation in the CCE Fellows program

  • A deeper understanding of strategy; sustainability; integration of processes, plans, resources, and goals; and measuring the right things 

Program Components

  • Interaction with Successful Senior Executives

  • Workshops with Role-Model Organizations 

  • Individualized Learning Objectives and Plan 

  • Personalized Capstone Project

  • Orientation to the Baldrige Excellence Framework, Criteria Concepts, and Core Values and Attributes

  • Celebrating Excellence and Baldrige Regional Conferences

  • Peer Learning

Leadership Topics

The program will cover the following topics: 

  • Visionary Leadership That Works 

  • Building Resilience 

  • Operational Intelligence 

  • Leading Through Change

  • Leading for Engagement 

  • Leading for Culture

Documents (COMING SOON):

CCE Fellows Information Packet (PDF)

Benefits for Participants (PDF)

2021-2022 Key Dates (PDF)

Application Checklist (PDF)

Program adapted with permission from the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. 

California Council for Excellence is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (Tax ID: 33-0542335)

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