2020 Examiner Training Update

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will no longer be hosting in-person examiner training in June and July. Instead, all examiner training will be conducted virtually by a combination of self-study, online modules, and a series of interactive virtual training sessions. Please review the virtual training schedule below and register for the week that you can attend all four 2-hour sessions. The traditional class time for in-person training is typically 30 plus hours so if you have ever wanted to be trained as an Examiner, now is a great time to take advantage of this online option.

Examiner Training

California Awards for Performance Excellence (CAPE) holds annual training to prepare examiners to evaluate award applications through the lens of the Baldrige Criteria. These examiners are volunteers and represent a diverse background of industry and professional experience.  


Attendees will learn how to apply the Criteria for Performance Excellence to an organization, evaluate an application, and develop comment writing skills. The training is facilitated by experienced state and national examiners, who will guide the attendees through exercises that allow for group-based learning that simulates the overall examination process. 


1. Determine Training Type 

  • Examiner Training - Experience Only 

    • This is for those who would like to only attend the training and DO NOT want to serve as an Examiner in 2020.

    • CCE Members: $1,000​*Non-Members: $1,200*

  • Examiner Training 

    • Trainees who commit to volunteering as an Examiner upon completion of training. 

    • CCE Members: $500​*Non-Members: $600*

  • Examiner Training for Returning/Senior Examiners

    • Trainees who commit to volunteering as an Examiner upon completion of training. MUST HAVE PREVIOUSLY SERVED ON AN EXAMINATION TEAM (within the last three years). 

    • CCE Members & Non-Members: $350*

* If paying by credit card a 4.9% processing fee and a $0.99 service charge will be applied to each registration.

2. Register for Training

Please register for the week you can attend all four 2-hour virtual training sessions.

July 6-9, 2020

Virtual training sessions will be daily from 1:00-3:00 pm

July 14-17, 2020

Virtual training sessions will be daily from 9:00-11:00 am

3. Complete Examiner Application (Not required for training experience only)

Complete Examiner Application Here

4. Training Modules, Pre-Work Assignment, and Virtual Training Sessions

Training will be conducted virtually by a combination of self-study, online modules, and virtual training sessions. Once you have registered for training, CCE will invite you to join our online training account which contains pre-work materials, step-by-step instructions and training modules that will guide you through the pre-work assignment and prepare you for the virtual training sessions.


Training Modules (completed on your own time):
Your training begins with a set of online modules which will take you from understanding the role of an Examiner, to learning the Baldrige Criteria, and all the way through to the steps in analyzing an application and writing feedback.


We know that learning all this information can sometimes be confusing and difficult.  Please know that we are happy to answer any questions you have as you go through this material.

Going through the online modules will take you about 3-4 hours, and we highly recommend not trying to binge watch.

Pre-Work Assignment (completed on your own time):  

The purpose of the pre-work assignment is (1) to prepare you to fully participate in the training experience, and (2) become familiar with the Baldrige Framework for Performance Excellence. The pre-work assignment will take you up to 25 hours to complete. Please submit your assignment to lindsey@calexcellence.org by the deadline associated with the training week you registered for:

  • July 6-9th: Assignment must be submitted by June 29th

  • July 14-17th: Assignment must be submitted by July 7th 

If you do not complete the assignment, you will not be allowed to participate in the virtual training sessions and training will be non-refundable.

Virtual Training Sessions (scheduled sessions):
It is required to attend all four 2-hour sessions. We will be using video conferencing for the training sessions and recommend you use a computer with a camera and audio. The meeting link will be provided within the online training account.


  • July 6-9, 2020

    • Training sessions will be daily from 1:00-3:00 pm

  • July 14-17, 2020

    • Training sessions will be daily from 9:00 – 11:00 am

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