Sunday, January 21, 2018
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 Hello all!

Finally I think we are ready to give login & pass to the agencies!
Roman, I need following
1.       Olga Dating – please choose another password for them, cause actual one will be strange for them
2.       Romantica – the combination which you already gave me doesn’t work
3.       Anuel – I need an account for them as well to start adding their profiles. Once they send the signed contract to us I will give them a combination.
4.       Siberian Brides – the same thing, I need the login and pass to add their profile as soon I receive photos from them
Do not forget
We still have some little things to correct:
1.       Change итальянский for Итальянский
2.       IDs of the agency to display, search by ID
3.       Creation of Personal Area for partners
It is not so important and it can wait till next week.
Thank you and have a good day


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