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Welcome to the California Team Excellence Award (CTEA) Program!

The California Team Excellence Awards (CTEA) is a team showcase program. The focus of the program is to encourage the formation of work teams, foster their ability to perform systematic continuous process improvement, and formally recognize companies and organizations for their teams’ accomplishments. This dynamic program is administered by the California Council for Excellence, a non- profit educational foundation through volunteers of the California Team Excellence Awards (CTEA) Council in collaboration with organizations dedicated to the growth of work teams in California.
The program supports two levels of criteria for problem solving and process improvement teams where organizations can participate in recognition for their team project efforts.
The first is the “Team Trailblazer Recognition” which is recognition for organizations and teams just starting out using teams for problem solving or process improvement. It is based on simple criteria with items in eight categories that address team project work process and results.
The second is the “Team 49er Award” with Gold, Silver and Bronze leveling to recognize those teams that use the multi-level American Society for Quality (ASQ) International Team Excellence Award (ITEA) Criteria for complex project work.  CTEA is an authorized showcase of the ASQ ITEA program which means the top scoring “Team 49er Award” recipient each year has an automatic space to compete at the international level.
Our program provides the participants with information, education, feedback, recognition, and celebration. In addition to the recognition given during our awards ceremony, the learning, development, and pride of contribution that participants experience are inherent rewards of their own.
Participants include not only those who apply for the award but also our volunteer Council members and judges. These people are the engine that makes this program run. They give of their time to help others grow, succeed, and be recognized for doing so. It is this spirit of teamwork that infuses everything we do.
Please join us in spreading this spirit of collaboration and learning. Submit an award application. Volunteer for our Council or as a judge. Come to our celebration. Share in our pride of what we bring to our state and its residents!
CTEA Mission: We promote overall organizational effectiveness through team-focused management. We provide the training, tools, knowledge, and assessment skills needed to excel through team participation, recognition, and celebration.
CTEA Vision: The California Team Excellence Award (CTEA) Program is the most sought-after resource for recognizing and improving leadership for team-based efforts.

Program Benefits:

  • Statewide recognition for team achievements
  • Receive constructive feedback from judges to enable future improvements
  • Promote and recognize your company’s commitment to process improvement, quality, and teamwork
  • Highest Team 49er Award Recipient has the opportunity to compete in the International Team Excellence Award process

Program Dates:

Beginning 10/1/14,   we will accept applications and submission for the Team Trailblazer Recognition.
In 2015, we will begin accepting applications for the Team 49er Award.

Interested in serving as a CTEA Judge?

Each team is judged by a panel of judges consisting of two or more judges. This consistent format and the criteria help ensure fairness and accurate judging of each team. If you would like to volunteer to be a member of the CTEA Board of Judges, please contact CCE at 858-486-0400, e-mail to cce@calexcellence.org.
John Corbett ,  Manager IT/Facilites
JVS Los Angeles
Bus: 323-761-8888 x 8592
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